Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Murska Sobota, Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana

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Avant2Go electric car sharing in your city

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The Avant2Go system is currently active in Ljubljana and Murska Sobota.
Soon, it will be ready in Maribor and Kranj as well. It has already unveiled to the public there, but there is some last-minute testing to be done before it enters regular service.

Avant2Go car sharing in your city

Easy to use, day or night, including weekends

Ljubljana - the capital under the dragon’s wings

Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful European capital cities. It boasts a sustainable focus that is becoming ever more prominent. It is green, clean, safe and visitor-friendly, which is that is increasingly being noticed by guests from all over the world. And best of all – there’s a dragon protecting it!

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BTC City Ljubljana - mesto nakupov in zabave.

BTC City Ljubljana slovi kot najobsežnejše in najbolj priljubljeno, obenem pa kot največje evropsko poslovno, nakupovalno, rekreativno-zabaviščno in kulturno središče, ki ga obišče preko 21 milijonov obiskovalcev. Mednarodno stičišče z leti postaja tudi vse privlačnejši kraj sprostitve in vedrega razpoloženja ter vse bolj nepogrešljiv in nezamenljiv del vsakdanjika.

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Maribor - the city of inspiration at the foot of the Pohorje Mountains

The capital of the Štajerska region is also the former European Capital of Culture and the European Youth Capital. There, we can find inspiration and a focus on the future. The healthy and varied lifestyle is also reflected in the strong commitment to sport. And we had better not start talking about football ...

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Kranj - a city with a rich historical past

There are numerous records and mentions of it, as well as famous citizens and the sights that now make up the magnificent appearance of Kranj. The many projects designed to improve the quality of life in the city testify to the fact that the centre of the Gorenjska region definitely has not been left in the past!

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Murska Sobota - the heart of the Pomurje region, set amid the rolling fields

A small city with great ambitions. Its location at the junction of three countries gives it exciting features. Murska Sobota is famous for its rich and varied cultural heritage and the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants ... We love listening to their interesting dialect!

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Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport - a modern airport window into the world

Visiting the airport is a great idea, and not just when travelling or accompanying someone on their way – it can also be a great trip for all generations. Watching the airplane take-offs and landings, tasting the airport atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of passengers, and the quality food and drink, make it a special experience.

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